RangerPC Updates

04/23/2005 - Designed and built timer circuit to automatically turn the LCD screen on.

11/15/2004 - Installed PC, everything seems to be working fine.

10/28/2004 - Purchased US Logic FX200 Elastic Portable Keyboard.

10/24/2004 - Installed Amplifier, see the Amp gallery for pictures of the completed amp install.

10/23/2004 - Purchased Alpine MRP-F240 Four Channel Amplifier to get audio from PC to speakers.

10/21/2004 - Bypassed Voltage Regulation on ITPS since it was limiting me to 60Watts.

10/19/2004 - Purchased Digital Dash Software. Tested power supply and ITPS with 12V bench supply.

10/18/2004 - Wired power supply and ITPS up. Installed GPS software.

10/16/2004 - Began modifing radio bezel for LCD screen.

10/12/2004 - Purchased a new Ranger Radio Bezel.

10/10/2004 - Purchased Garmin GPS 18 USB.

10/07/2004 - Purchased ITUSB header, PM-120-M 200W power supply ATX micro, ITPS, Single slot PCI riser card, slimline CD to IDE adaptor.

10/05/2004 - Installed Media Engine on WinXP drive as part of the Media PC GUI analysis.

10/04/2004 - Purchased 8"x10" Lexan sheet that will be used for the motherboard base.

10/02/2004 - Purchased LG Electronics 8x DVD-ROM DRN-8080B.

09/24/2004 - Installed Windows XP on one hard drive along with Meedio software. Insalled Mandrake Linux on another hard drive to try other Media PC GUIs.

09/22/2004 - Received TView 7" Touchpanel LCD and VIA EPIA M10000 mini-ITX motherboard.

09/03/2004 - Web site developed and posted. Project has begun to be planned out and hardware is being researched and chosen.

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