Ford Part Numbers

This site contains a listing of Ford Part Numbers. These numbers should be verified with a parts shop prior to ordering the part

Description Part Number
Ranger Low Profile Bug Deflector 1L5Z-16C900-BA
Ranger 3rd Brake Light w/ Cargo YC3Z-13A613-BA
Ranger XLT 3rd Brake Light w/ Cargo F47Z-13A613-A
Ranger XLT Dome Light Base F37Z-13776-B
Ranger XLT Dome Light Lens F67Z-13783-AA
"Ranger" Emblem non XLT F67Z-16720-B
Ranger EDGE Tow Hook (Right) YL5Z-17A954-AA
Ranger EDGE Tow Hook (Left) YL5Z-17A954-AB
Ranger Tow Hook Bolt (Need Six) N8038920-S60
Mustang GT Dome Light Base 1L3Z-13776-AAB
Mustang GT Dome Light Lens F4DZ-13783-A
Explorer OHC Temperature Sensor F87Z-12A647-AA
Ranger Cruise Control Kit for 01-02 3.0 Liter 1L5Z-9A818-BA
Ranger Oil Filter 2.3L FL-400S
Ranger Oil Filter 3.0L FL-400S
Ranger Oil Filter 4.0L FL-820S (as stated in manual)
PowerStroke Turbo Diesel V8 Emblem 1C3Z-16720-AA
"V6" Emblem YL8Z-7842528-AA
Ranger 01-03 4X4 FACTORY GRILLE 1L5Z-8200-BAG
Ranger Splash Guard (Driver Side) F87Z-16103-AA
Ranger upper radiator support shield (right) 1L5Z-8C291-CA
Ranger upper radiator support shield (left) 1L5Z-8C370-BA
Ranger upper radiator support shield (center) 1L5Z-8C415-BA
Ranger Receptacle Ash Tray (Dark Grey) 99-2002 w/air bag Deactivator switch XL5Z-1004810-AAB
2001 Ranger Radio Bezel w/ Foglight switch, 4x4 switch, and 12V auxiliary port 5L5Z-1004302-ZAA
Ranger Radio Bezel with 12V auxiliary port F67B-1004302-AW
Ranger Tailgate Anti-Theft Lock F47Z-99431K99-A
Ranger Cubbie Hole & Air Bag Switch Bezel YL5X-10117A72-AAW
1993+ Ranger Underrail Bed Liner (Tailgate Cover) F77J-9940726-AB
1993+ Ranger Underrail Bed Liner (Hardware Kit pickup bed) F7TJ-9928546-BC
1993+ Ranger Underrail Bed Liner (Pickup Box Liner) F77J-991206-BE
Ranger Bulb Description Bulb Numbers
Headlights of any kind 9007
Side Markers 3457 and/or 194
Rear Stop/Turn/Tail Lamps 3157

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