Car/Truck PC Software

Below is a listing of the software that I discovered while looking for software to control my RangerPC. I decided to use the Digital Dash software due to its ease of use and minimal button presses. Since this was going to be installed in my vehicle I did not want to have something overly complicated or that had alot of button presses. The Digital Dash software is pretty limited and doesn't allow for customization like other software on the market. I am considering creating my own software to control the PC with as nothing on the market that I have found does what I want. There are many nice features of the software on the market but it seems as though none of them incorporate all of the features that I am looking for. At the top of my list is ease of use and minimal button presses. I also would like it to continue playing audio unless another audio source is selected. Most software that I found stops the audio as soon as you navigate to another screen. I think that this is totally unacceptable if you plan to use navigational or vehicle stats on the system.

G-Net Digital Dash



Media Engine

AutoPC Project


DashPC - SourceForge

HeadUnit - SourceForge


Media Portal






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