RangerPC Features

There are many tasks that I want my vehicle PC to perform. The first task that the PC needs to perform is Audio. This includes standard audio CDs and MP3s. With the extremely large audio collection that I have it is more convenient to use MP3s as opposed to carrying around hundreds of discs. The next feature that the PC will perform is navigational tasks. This will be accomplished via a GPS system that will track the vehicles position and direction. This will allow for step to step directions and trip planning. The feature can also be used to locate local attractions or services. The third function that the PC will perform is FM tuning. Since this PC will be replacing the in dash stereo, I still want the ability to listen to radio stations. Since I will not have continuous internet access, I cannot just stream the audio across the internet. One of the most efficient ways to get FM tuning capabilities is to use a TV/FM tuner card. This would also allow me to receive local television stations as well. The next feature in not something that is necessary but might as well be added due to its minimal costs. The feature is DVD playback, since I don't plan on watching DVDs in the vehicle this feature will probably be used more for moving software between systems and playing audio CDs and DVDs. In addition to DVD video, I plan to add the capability for playing Divx as well. This would allow me to store DVD movies as Divx files while saving storage space on the drive. Along with DVD play back this feature will probably be the most unused features on this PC. Networking capabilities are a must. This is mainly to allow files to be transferred to the system from my home PC. This will also allow me to wardrive just by running some software on the PC. The PC will not have an always on internet connection mainly due to the lack of need and expense of those types of connections. This isn't to say that I won't ever use it for internet access but it will be limited to specific locations. I will setup capabilities for email access, internet browsing, weather updates, and traffic conditions for times when I have access and the need for these services. The next feature probably won't be used much either but is very cheap to implement. The feature is Note capabilities. This can be accomplished very easily with any text editor and/or audio recorder. I am sure the more work that I put into planning, designing, and building the system, the more features that will get implemented.

Eventually I would like to be able to use this PC as a diagnostic tool for the vehicle. Since many parameters can be read from the OBDII connector on a vehicle, this is very possible. The biggest limitations at this time is the cost required for the hardware and software to complete this task. Well maybe later on down the road I will decide to add this as an upgrade to the system.

Another feature that could be added relatively easily is power door lock controls.

This file last modified 12/02/08
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